Thungprue Pittayakom School

“Creative English teaching” DaLaa MLTV project – code: 2303 Available: from June 2023 to February 2024 (at least 2 to 5 months) Expected number of volunteers: 2-3

Dalaa became acquainted with Thungprue Pittayakom School after being introduced by the director of Prang-moo School. Additionally, Dalaa organized several mini work camps that Thungprue Pittayakom School participated in. As a result, Thungprue Pittayakom School is now eager to extend a warm welcome to volunteers who are interested in contributing to the students’ development by organizing activities to enhance their language skills and other areas of expertise. Moreover, volunteers will also have the opportunity to engage in local community activities.

Thungprue Pittayakom School, Songkhla Province was founded in 1957. It has 5 school buildings, 2 buildings for teachers to live in, a multipurpose building, and a cafeteria. Additionally, there are 4 temporary buildings provided by the public, 3 toilets and each school building has 2 bathrooms. There are currently 224 students from kindergarten to lower secondary (6-15 years old), and there are a total of 16 teachers along with a janitor. The kids have very few chances for interaction with foreigners and English language is more and more needed for their future.
AIMS of the Placement
1- To exchange culture between the volunteers and students.
2- To encourage the student to learn the English language and develop a good perspective of the English language to students.
3- To encourage the parents or guardians to send their child to school.
4- To create good English skills for students.

Engage in collaborative teaching and coordination with class teachers to facilitate the English language learning process across all academic levels.