DaLaa is an independent association based in Thailand, but we rely on our network of partners represented by CCIVS, the Global Coordinating Body for International Voluntary Service Organization, created under the aegis of UNESCO in 1948. It includes 176 international, regional and national organizations from all over the world, actively engaged in community-based projects, with over 30 000 volunteers involved each year. We are also a full member of NVDA, the Network for Voluntary Development in Asia, and a partner of SCI – Service Civil International, the first IVS movement which started in 1920, after the First World War.

We welcome international volunteers sent and prepared by our international partners, who are part of these networks (Incoming). We also prepare and send Thai volunteers to join our partners abroad (=Outgoing). We recruit directly Thai residents who want to become volunteers with us or our partners.

In Thailand, we have a network of active communities working for social growth and environment preservation( See our page ”Become a host”). DaLaa coordinates the hosting of volunteers in these communities. We organize workcamps and send MLTV (Middle and Long Term Volunteers) to join their actions.  We facilitate the cultural exchange and mentor our volunteers and hosts, to ensure a smooth learning process and to support the mutual gain. We created our own DaLaa community, VSC (Voluntary Service Community) that includes daily activities and members’ support for continuous and short activities.

The DaLaa organization is supervised by an official committee of 7 persons who meet twice a year. On a daily basis, we have a team of 5 full time and 3 part time staff members (see ”Who is who”) and the work is divided into 6 departments:

  1. Middle and Long Term volunteers
  2. Workcamps
  3. Volunteer Service Community
  4. Finance and accounting
  5. Human resources and administration
  6. Public Relations

DaLaa is a non-profit organization that does not receive financial support from the government or from the private sector. We are financially sustainable, thanks to the participation fees of the volunteers that can be self funded or supported by special programs in their country (mostly in Europe). (check out those programs on the page ”How to apply”)