A (Ammara Bechetoille)
Alex (Alex Bechetoille)
Loh (Abdulloh Awerkeuji)

                    – ADMINISTRATOR
                    – ACCOUNTANT

A is fully involved into the general functioning of our organization, practical, straightforward, and trustable. She takes care of administration, finances, coordinates our Thai volunteers and internship students. She also takes care of Koh Nang Kham placement. She has been a member of DaLaa since the creation in 2004 and full staff since 2008. If you come to our office you can’t miss her.

                   – MLTV COORDINATOR
                    – HUMAN RESOURCES

Alex takes care of the general direction of DaLaa. He coordinates MLTV in general and especially garden of tranquility and Lang Ai Mee placements. Integrated in the South Thai society for many years, he helps to balance the cultural differences between Western-Asian and usually mentors the long term volunteers. The learning process of volunteers and the deep meaning of volunteering is something of real importance for him- as well as authenticit.


Loh had arrived in the team since January 2018. He likes so much to take care and helps others. His main difficulty is not to be able to say “No”. Our handy man in the team is responsible for all the logistic part  and Voluntary Service Community coordinator.  He is in charge of members activities, to keep them involved and active through mini workcamps, campaigns and others.

Tarn (Nathawan Rattana)
Cherry (Nathinee Naulsaard)
C (Echansi Ah Aik)

              – PUBLIC RELATIONS 
Tarn is a new staff here. She arrived in the team in 2020 after doing an internship with us. She is well organized. She works on the public relations part, to promote our workcamps, and the hosting of our volunteers and visitors at DaLaa office. She helps with introduction for new MLTVs, she will teach you Thai language if you come here. She is also the work camp coordinator of DaLaa to organize all of workcamps.  

               – WORK CAMP LEADER 

Cherry came back from 1 year volunteer in France. She is taking part of Dalaa team and VSC. She also helps with the accommodation, translation, and being a work camp leader here. She is responsible person for Wat Pho placement.   



She is as much interested in the volunteers than in the villagers well being and that makes her a really good link in the international teams. Her enthusiasm, integrity and will to support one an other brings motivation to all people around. C is working in Kok Payom MLTV placement to support Sakkarin with the MLTV there. 

Ui (Supannee Kaeovichit)
Yong (Nussara Khakhao)


She takes full responsibilities since 2008 on responding to all emails from our international partners regarding incoming volunteers, preparing documents for international volunteers before their arrival. She is working part time from her home.


she is also a part time staff and working from home. She takes care of communication for outgoing Thai volunteers.