Suan Som Rom Na Phru

Suan Som Rom Na Phru (organic farming, cooking and market)

DaLaa MLTV project – code: 2203
All year round
Expected number of volunteers: 2


Prapai Thongchern also known as Phi Yoi is a 50 years old single woman pioneer in natural living. She  has a a long experience in natural color textiles  and starting local green markets in the province of Phatthalung (South Thailand) that have became really successful. She has restored a family land covering an area of 4 rai (1.6 acre), which used to be a peat swamp field with sago palm dense forest, and turned it into a beautiful farm  named “Suan Som Rom Na Phru”. This farm is used both as a learning space and to provide her with daily fresh food and environment .  The place is ideal for recharging the life energy and finding an inspiration from the simplicity in nature.


  • To learn and support organic farming, self-reliance, cooking and local culture
  • To join the life in the community, and possibly exchange culture and language with neighbors and local kids.


  • Agriculture (seeds conservation, planting, potting, caring, collecting, weeding, watering, composting…)
  • Learning about food processing, cooking, Thai dishes, Thai desert.  
  • Activities with green market network in Phatthalung province.
  • Activities with kids in the local small school.
  • Thai cultures and Thai language learning.


This project is for volunteers who are interested and willing to stay in a basic environment, exchange on organic agriculture, self-reliance, cooking and Thai traditional cultures. The volunteers will learn more about green market and community network building.

Volunteers should be ready to adapt to the Thai, local way of life, and willing to create relationships with volunteers’ friends, hosts and local people. Some difficult points could be mosquitoes and insects, eating rice at every meal, language and culture barrier, changing plans often.

Volunteers should be able to take responsibility for themselves and the team by taking care of their health and security and be fully involved in the daily tasks.

** Clothes worn in the village- schools and temple: skirts or shorts long enough to cover your knees also when you are sitting. Women should wear tops that cover their shoulders, no low neckline. Bikinis are not appropriate to swim if you go on holidays. Please wear long shorts and a top instead.


  • Volunteers will cook meals together with the host, suitable for vegetarians. (using wooden for cooing)
  • Volunteers will stay in a small Thai style house, same area as the host house, mosquito nets, pillows, blankets and mattresses are provided.