(Creative English teaching and activities with kids, communities hosting)

DaLaa MTV project – code: 2201

Periods available: All year and At least 2 months

Expected number of volunteers: 2 to 3



We are located in Kok Riang village, Klong Hoy Khong district, Songkhla province; it is about 30 minutes away from Hatyai city and 15 minutes from the airport. 

On every Wednesday, we gather and enjoy activities to support our little family/community: a bit of gardening and trees nursery with our members and DaLaa’s staff, cooking class, seeds conservation, recycling, repairing or construction, discussion, you can bring your own workshops and ideas.

Moreover, we organize extra activities such as mini work camps in the week-ends, International seminars, visit our MLTV placements and we are open to new ideas.

We wish to bring new people (without discrimination) to discover voluntary activities and expand our regular members through meaningful activities.

Reason of VSC: the real mission of DaLaa is to coordinate the hosting of volunteers in active communities but since the start, our drive is also in the action: that is why we decided to create this community. It is the best introduction to new comers as well.


Since the very start of DaLaa in 2004, our wish was to create this alternative community where we could welcome our members live together in harmony following our values and spreading our mission all around through international volunteering. We had a few centers, in Bangklam first and then in 3 different office houses of Hatyai but the place were limited. In 2015, 2 years after having started MLTV with Lung Jaeng in Kokriang he invited us to build our office there. This was turning point for DaLaa. We totally moved our organization there and decided a bit later to call this place VSC and to develop as much as possible our activities here for the volunteers but also for members and children around. It happened now then Lung Jaeng has moved to his garden and let us full freedom to use his land for our VSC. 

It can welcome 8-10 people and on regular basis and up to 20-30 for a few days activities.

AIMS of the Placement

  1. To support the local school  and kids around here
  2. To be part of the VSC and DaLaa organization 
  3. To let children be familiar with volunteers and learn international/multi-culture atmosphere
  4. To improve English skills for students to be able to communicate with foreigners



  1. Give non-formal English classes and other fun activities with the students at primary school and at VSC on weekend 
  2. Organize extra activities such as mini work camps in the week-ends with children or members, to be in team for organize the International seminars,  to be work camp assistant
  3. Activities as VSC such as cooking,  gardening, seeds conservation, recycling, repairing or construction
  4. Activities with villagers: cleaning the temple area, sport activities, homemade cooking dessert

** Clothes worn in the village- schools and temples: skirts or shorts long enough to cover your knees also when you are sitting. Women should wear tops that cover their shoulders, no low neckline. Bikinis are not appropriate to swim if you go on holidays. Please wear long shorts and a top instead. 


Volunteers will stay in the volunteers’ hut in the DaLaa organization area. There will be simple mats, pillow and mosquito net. There are basic toilets, showers and a kitchen.  We cook together with the team and DaLaa staffs.  Local people eat rice (or noodles) 3 times a day with side dishes like curries, omelets, local leaves and vegetables. Volunteers will be welcome to cook their own food using the ingredients available there. (No oven, only a gas and woks or pans)