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Withee Tai family camp

PLACE:  Cha Uat district, Nakorn Sri Tammarat province, Southern Thailand

Maximum: 3 international families


DATES: 05 – 15 August, 2018


A group of a few families with liberal dreams decided to start alternative education for their children and the interested members of their communities. Since 2016, they welcome middle and long term volunteers to help them to organize education activities and include them as a part of their family and life style toward harmonious relationship between people and their environment. It will be the third time we organize international family workcamp. The main work will be wood construction, to make a small gathering place at the rice field and the future school area. There are many children and young people around. Spontaneous activities together and dealing with daily life will allow us to share our ways of education for the benefits of all.


“Withee Tai” means “the way to be free”. It’s the name few families from Cha uat district (Nakorn Sri Tammarat province) have chosen in 2014 to follow their dreams and describe their new liberal community. They try to free themselves from any kind of slavery from the mind to the body and the entire society. They want to become a new kind of responsible community based on a liberal way of life through spiritual work and active daily life. They have good knowledge and practice about alternative education, traditional health, agriculture, herbs… They want to take concrete actions with meaningful results.

“The important domains we try to be free from in Withee Tai are: education, economy, society, health. It should be starting by ourselves, then the family, the community (natural or chosen), the country, the world. We want to change the world by acting locally, not only dream. Everyone is responsible.”

The idea of the international family camp came from a French family who contact DaLaa in2016 to have an experience of a workcamp as a family. It was our first time, but it really fit with Withee Tai community as one of its strong bases is the family. The children can interact over the barrier language; they are confronted to a new environment, with other children having different rules of life. For the parents, it needs a good level of adaptation and bring many reflection on the education.

How to make the change from a society where a person works for a reward (having a good score, having a salary) to an open space where the same person works by free will, by voluntary spirit? We need to learn together and for this we need each one to open ourselves, break the ice between people, realize our common desire to preserve the world and rely on our volunteer spirit. We should have enough attention to learn from observing ourselves at any time.

The seven agreements of Withee Tai community:

– Find our common ground within our differences.

– Learn from others by observing inside ourselves.

– Say what you do and do what you say.

– Everything is based on the relationship of brotherhood.

– Develop heart of ownership.

– Positive thinking. (Get free from judging others).

– Do not take side part from one or another when a conflict occurs.



– To improve the quality of human way of life (relationships, education, inspiration…)

– To manage our daily life harmoniously within the community and the environment

– To support Withee Thai learning center by building the new gathering place and activities together/ideas



At Withee Tai, volunteers practice healthy activities for body, mind and soul: morning walk, yoga, discussion-evaluation in evening, prayer before meals, …

Daily routine takes a large part of the time, especially with the children around, it includes agriculture/watering, collecting food, cooking with wood fire and cleaning.

We should also organize children activities like games/art, learning sessions…

The main work we plan is the construction of a gathering hut at the rice field (2 km from the house over the river). This place will be the school in the future but everything is still needed to build. It will be the very start. We will use cement sticks into the floor then the rest will be made with wood and bamboo.

We plan to take a day to visit the area around, fruit garden, waterfall…


Volunteers should be able to handle spontaneous working environment. You should also be prepared not to have much privacy. To have responsibility for you, the people around and full involvement in community matters is a must. For the 10 days, a DaLaa staff will help to coordinate the project.


We will have one big tent for each family. Small mattresses will be provided. Volunteers should bring a light blanket or sleeping bag. There will have 3 toilets and showers available for the volunteers, simple Asian style. We will cook rice (or noodles) 2 or 3 times a day with side dishes like curries, omelettes, local leaves and vegetables. Volunteers will be welcome to cook their own food using the ingredients available there. (No oven, only a gas and woks or pans). In the main host kitchen, we cook only vegetarian food.


The fee for family volunteers is fixed to 8,000 Baht per adult and 3,000 Baht per child for the 10 days.The fee will be used on one part for living expenses (gas, water, electricity, food, transport) and materials used in projects/activities and for the other part to support financially our organization. Volunteers’ fee is our only income.