Short Term


Short Term Workcamps last usually about 2 weeks. The projects can be as various as teaching English, environmental activities, construction work and art & music camps. These camps are organised together with local organisations, local government, schools and dedicated individuals in order to meet local’s needs and assure exchange between volunteers and local groups. Our Thai volunteers are more than welcome in these camps as well.

 STC Calendar 2019

Month Date Code Place/Province Project Max.
January 20-02Fe 6201 Lang Ai Mee, Nakorn Sri Forest preservation-school-community 10
February  10-23 6202 Wat Pho Thawad, Pattalung Activities with kids-school 10
March  10-23 6203 Tamek, Trang Forest preservation – kids 10
May 13-26 6205 Garden of Tranquility, Rachaburi Teaching English and Art at school- Linking a spiritual project with the local community – kids 5

General information about Short Term Camps

– there will always be a DaLaa Work Camp Leader

– besides the main project there will be time for Thai language/culture and other activities

– volunteers have to be 18 years or older

– no special skills are required, only positive motivation and being open minded (respect and willingness to understand other cultures and backgrounds)

– living conditions will be in Thai style (willingness to adapt and enjoy simple conditions of living)

– participant is responsible for their own travel cost and all personal expenses during the free time

– participant is responsible for taking care of their own insurance

– no drugs are allowed in Thailand

– willingness to work and live together, make friends with local people and other volunteers

Participation fee is 8000 Baht for the 2 weeks projects. (Some camps add extra 500B for transport)This fee is used for the project (accommodation, food, transport during the project, materials) and partly for our organisation (further explanation: Structure).

Info sheet

If you are interested ask your organisation for a more detailed info sheet of this project!