Long Term


Middle and Long Term Volunteer (MLTV) Projects need good preparation and independence of the volunteers. The teams are usually small (up to 6 volunteers). In the Long Term Projects volunteers also have some freedom to introduce their own activities and small projects with the community. Volunteers should stay at least 2 or 3 months (you can always stay longer!).  In April and October there is school holidays which means we can make more activities with local kids. Usually from October to December, activities are reduced because of the monsoon season (lots of rain). The projects are still open but volunteers need to be aware they will have a lot of time “indoors”, here we’ll rather say “underroofs”.

In each project, there is a host who is the initiator and the one responsible for the whole project. The host is for a big part in the spirit of the project. He assures the continuity of the project. The hosts of the projects are also the advisers for DaLaa organization.

Long and Middle Term Volunteer Projects


Code Project Province Key words Max.
0950MLTV Kok Payom Satun – Community Learning
– Creative English Teaching
– Environment
1402MLTV Koh Sukorn Trang – Open from August to March
– Agriculture
– Local culture
1601MLTV Withee tai community Nakhon Sri T. – Alternative education
– Community living
– traditional health for body and mind
1702MTV Koh Nang Kham Pattalung – Teaching kids at school-Activities with kids 2-4
1704MTV Lang Ai Mee Nakorn Sri T. – Support forest community-Activities with kids 4
1801MTV SOS Kindergarten Songkhla – Creative Education
– English teaching
1901MTV Wat Pho Thawad Pattalung – Creative Education
– English teaching
1902MTV Garden of tranquility Ratchaburi school English teaching-link with spiritual project 2

General information about Middle and Long Term Projects:
– you will be supervised by a DaLaa MLTV coordinator (introduction, MLTV-meetings, evaluation)
– volunteers have to be 18 years or older
– participant should have the basic skills/knowledge of work they are going to perform in the project
– living conditions will be in Thai style (willingness to adapt and enjoy simple conditions of living)
– participant is responsible for their own travel cost and all personal expenses during the free time
– participant is responsible for taking care of their own insurance
– no drugs are allowed in Thailand
– participant should ask for a visa “Non-Immigrant”-type. DaLaa will provide an invitation letter and a paper stating that DaLaa is an officially registered NGO
– willingness to work and live together, make friends with local people and other volunteers

Participation Fee:
2-month service, 20,000 Baht ( approx. 540 Euro)
3rd month : 10,000 Baht
4th month and after: 9000 Baht per month

The fee will be used for living expenses (gas, water, electricity, food) and materials used in projects/activities. Some part of the fee will be used to support Thai volunteers and our organization.

Info sheet
If you are interested ask your organization for a more detailed info sheet of this project!