DaLaa T-Shirt


It’s our dream that in every village and city of this planet you can find people wearing our DaLaa T-Shirt! Yes, it is quite a big dream. To make dreams come true, you always have to start with making the first step.
And then it’s just keep on going, step by step. In this case: our dream started when we sold our first T-Shirt.
So, to realize our dream we just have to continue dreaming…. and selling of course…..

DaLaa T-Shirt Project
One of our activities is making and selling DaLaa T-Shirts. With this project we realize two goals:
1. It is a beautiful way to promote DaLaa in Thailand and around the World!
2. We make a little profit, which we use to cover office expenses (mainly printing and copying costs)

Make our dream come true!
You can order DaLaa T-Shirts! As many as you want! In 2004 we started with black T-Shirts only, but, as you can see in the pictures, we now have several beautiful coloured T-Shirts as well. Furthermore there are still a few shirts of our limited edition (200 copies) grey 5th-Year-Anniversary-Shirts left.

Sizes: XS (34) / S (36-38) / M (40 – 42) / L (44-46) / XL (48-50)

1 DaLaa T-Shirt costs:
150 Baht (if you pick it up at our office)
500 Baht (if we send it to your home address abroad)
Please contact us if you want to order (a) T-Shirt(s).