DaLaa family_15-21 Oct 2022

DaLaa Work Camp: DALAA-WC6510

Dates:  15th – 21st  October, 2022

Maximum number of volunteers: 10
Mixed age (children and elderly are welcome)


A week together to experience and practice the values of our association. Living, learning and working together. A mix or staff, members, hosts, volunteers, children, teenagers, young and elder adults. Community power, sharing minds, discussions, dialogues, spontaneity, agriculture, sharing cultures, an open space, a welcoming area, initiatives, ready to help, to play, to heal, ready to learn, always and eating together… voluntary spirit.


Since the creation of the association in October 2004, we organize each year a celebration. Year 2015, we had moved our office from Hat Yai to a local village known as Baan Kok Riang in order to get away from bustling city to live a simple life in the countryside. Happily this year again, the flower still blooms, we go over another step that we turn 14 since our foundation.

For more information of Baan Kok Riang village, it is located in Klong Hoi Khong district of Songkhla province, Southern Thailand. The approximate number of villagers settling in this village is about 1,200 people or 140 families. Most of the villagers own fruit orchard and rubber plantation, and nearly all of them are Buddhists. There are a few Buddhist temples in the area and lots of rubber plantation lined up on the sides of the road.


  • To bring together DaLaa members (old and new), international volunteers, old friends, project hosts and interested people
  • To manage our daily life smoothly in a spontaneous environment and activities, mixing all ages
  • To promote and make understanding of our common values and IVS (International Voluntary Service)
  • To celebrate the 18th year Anniversary of DaLaa organization


The ACTIVITIES to strengthen the relationship and to support the aims are roughly planned as below.

  • Deal with the daily life
  • Work together on the vegetable gardens
  • Adjust surroundings around the volunteers service communities
  • Create forums-discussions on “Voluntary Service”
  • Organize activities with village kids
  • DaLaa 18th anniversary celebration

 ** We’ll keep you update 1 months or 2 weeks before the camp starts for a more detailed schedule**

** You will be supervised by a DaLaa coordinator that will be the link between the volunteers’ team and the local school.

** We will try to mix Thai volunteers and international from different countries but we cannot guarantee it. We will keep you informed during and after your application.


The volunteers should be ready to stay in a local area, to adapt to the local conditions with only basic facilities. Very few local people are able to speak in English. Volunteers should be able to be with the kids and prepare some games and material for teaching.  Volunteers should be able to stay in a remote environment.  Volunteers should be able to take responsibility for themselves and the team by taking care of their health and security and be fully involved in the daily tasks.

* Clothes worn in the village- schools and temples: skirts or shorts long enough to cover your knees also when you are sitting. Women should wear tops that cover their shoulders, no low neckline. Bikinis are not appropriate to swim if you go on holidays. Please wear long shorts and a top instead.



Volunteers will stay in the volunteers’ hut in the DaLaa organization area. There will be simple mats, pillow and mosquito net. There are basic toilets, showers and a kitchen.  We cook together with the team and DaLaa staffs.  Local people eat rice (or noodles) 3 times a day with side dishes like curries, omelets, local leaves and vegetables. Volunteers will be welcome to cook their own food using the ingredients available there. (No oven, only a gas and woks or pans)

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