Report of DaLaa MLTV seminar in Baan Na Ling-3-5 Nov. 2014

Subject: “ The spirit of the community”

Host: P Nui
DaLaa team: A, Sakkarin, Air, Sun,Mooi, Alex, Dee, Boy, Alind, Ton,Amanda
MLTV vol: 21 from our 5 MLTV projects
Local people: P Sao (So Ko Wo), Manora group, farmer group,friends
Music visit support(P Dam, P Tik, Sa, Cart, P Sut…)

For this seminar, there was a good preparation from P Nui as it is his own place. The conditions were simple (no electricity) quite hot in the day time and big rain that make the floor muddy but the atmosphere was good surrounded by rice fields. Activities were shared between seminar discussions and activities with villagers. We slept in tents,  hammocks or at P Nui mother house. We had daily tasks for cleaning, helping cooking, making fire and coffee and Boy with Dee took care of the food.

There was very good support from villagers, giving fruits, snacks and drinks. We got also a bit afraid they were giving too much importance to this event at the start (like a wedding ceremony or so…). But the exchanges and especially the night forum helped to understand each other and the results were positive. We could visit, the manora dance group, traditional rice process and join planting the rice in the field.

For the discussions: we had a presentation from each of the 5 projects: Kok Payom, Ta yang, Kok Riang, Ko Sukorn and Roy Wan Phan Pba. Then we made some groups mixing every project and discussed about the role of volunteers and the need for community involvement in the projects.

On the last day, we took some time to find out the worries and difficulties in each project and we in DaLaa team decided of an action plan which is mainly about planning a meeting with the host and to discuss about the important points with them.  We took also some time to exchange tools and methods about teaching and daily life for the projects. We couldn’t make a presentation of this part though. We also had the expectation and evaluation part for this seminar. It seems participants were quite satisfied, including the host P Nui.

An important time of the seminar was the second night where we prepared the forum with some villagers, lead by Sakkarin and fully translated by Air. It was a very nice way for the villagers to understand DaLaa and our way of working, the role of volunteers and the needs of community involvement. We had some wonderful music with P Nui, his son Cart, P Tik, P Dam and also the Danish group…

As for DaLaa side, it was very important for us to share this time together to understand the reality of the projects of the long term volunteers. There were some difficulties in Ta Yang and Roywan projects that we will try to solve. The contact is made with P Nui and we hope we can continue working together in the future.

We will write specific summary about each following discussions:
1- the role of volunteers and need of community involvement
2-List of each project difficulty
3- Our action plan
4-Teaching tools and methods &Daily life