(Activities with kids at a primary school)

Work Camp – code: DaLaa6301

Dates: 5-18June, 2022

(Maximum number of volunteers: 15) 


Ban Prang Mu School is a very small school in Ban Prang Mu sub district, Phatthalung province, Southern Thailand. The school director, who shares our values, would like to welcome volunteers, to improve English skills for students to be able to communicate in this language. Volunteers can help to organize English lessons or other fun activities with the 126 students from kindergarten to Grade 6 (6-12 years old).  The English skills of the students are very poor. They are not familiar with foreigners. You can experience the local way of life, exchange with other volunteers, villagers and support the children education.


Ban Prang Mu School, Phatthalung Province was founded in 1921 in Prang Mueng Nai temple.  There are nowadays 126 students from kindergarten to Grade 6 (6-12 years old). The kids have very few chances for interaction with foreigners and English language is more and more needed for their future. The director Mrs. Chuenchit   Kaeosook know us (DaLaa association) since some year ago as she is one of our host family for other project (Wat Pho school) and now she moving to be the director at Prang Mu school and contacted us to see the possibility to start a cooperation and to have volunteers joining their work. After a survey visit, we decided to start a workcamp in this community.


  • To support Ban Prang Mu School
  • To be part of the community of Ban Prang Mu village
  • To let children be familiar with volunteers and learn in international/multi-culture atmosphere
  • To improve English skills for students to be able to communicate with foreigners



  • Give non-formal English classes and other fun activities with the students
  • Create teaching materials for teacher and kids
  • Activities with villagers: cleaning the temple area, sport activities, homemade cooking dessert

 ** We’ll keep you update 1 months or 2 weeks before the camp starts for a more detailed schedule**

** You will be supervised by a DaLaa coordinator that will be the link between the volunteers’ team and the local school.

** We will try to mix Thai volunteers and international from different countries but we cannot guarantee it. We will keep you informed during and after your application.


The volunteers should be ready to stay in a local area, to adapt to the local conditions with only basic facilities. Very few local people are able to speak in English. Volunteers should be able to be with the kids and prepare some games and material for teaching. 


Volunteers will sleep in the classroom. There will be simple mats, pillow and mosquito net. You will need to bring your sleeping bag and a small mattress. There are basic toilets, showers and a kitchen at the school canteen. The teachers and villagers will help the volunteers to cook.  Local people eat rice (or noodles) 3 times a day with side dishes like curries, omelets, local leaves and vegetables. Volunteers will be welcome to cook their own food using the ingredients available there. (No oven, only a gas and woks or pans).