Who is who?

These are people who are running DaLaa for 2017:

 Sakkarin (Sakkarin Seema)
is one of the founders of DaLaa. He is the incarnation of voluntary spirit. He decided to move himself totally in the community of Kok Payom (our oldest active MLTV project) and started Klong Toh Lem Academy, an alternative school in mangrove. Sakkarin is responsible for human resources in DaLaa and usually works in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays. He also takes care of external relations.

 Alex (Alex Bechetoille)
is also here since the beginning, as the volunteer secretary for 7 years. He has been working full time since mid 2011. He is the only foreigner in the team as of now and helps to balance the cultural differences between Western-Asian. He is responsible for project coordination and especially for Kok Riang and Withee Tai projects. He often takes part in introduction and evaluation of MLTVs. He works on the English documentation too.


 A (Ammara Bechetoille)
is working in the office since 2008. She is responsible for the finance, administration, Thai official papers and taking care of the organization in general. She coordinates with Thai volunteers who join our work camps and projects and helps with introduction for new volunteers.


 Loh (Abdulloh Awerkeuji)
has started to work with DaLaa in 2018. He is the coordinator for most of the workcamps.





Yong (Nussara Khakhao)
After being an active member in DaLaa and joining a 1 year volunteer program with our partner SJ France, Yong is taking over Son (former staff) for public relations and restarted VSC kids activities at Kok Riang every week end.




 Ui (Supannee Kaeovichit)
used to be our full time staff, she is now working in a local government hospital, however, she still takes full responsibilities on responding to all emails from our international partners regarding incoming volunteers, preparing documents for international volunteers before their arrival and writing project information sheets.




Not (Tannanan Kongubol)

Not has been our internship for 4 months and he stays to work as art director for public relations.




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