Our main aim is to make a tribute to long lasting social development in Thailand. With all our projects and activities DaLaa creates opportunities where volunteers and local people work, live and enjoy together. The aims are realising the projects and to experience different cultures. An unforgettable experience and enrichment for all participants. Therefore we focus on three main aims:

– Support
– Friendship
– Preservation


With our projects and activities we want to support local people, work together with already existing (local) projects and activities.

For example:
– helping with construction work: building a classroom, clean water supply
– helping with taking care of people: extra attention for orphans, sick or handicapped people
– support economical/ecological activities: OTOP (One Tambon, One Product), starting recycling bank, use second hand things


We will work with Thai volunteers, international volunteers and local people. While working together on the projects we want to develop relationships all over the world and between people from different religious and cultural backgrounds. We want to create more mutual understanding and reduce prejudices. Also by sharing information, ideas and different ways of working and doing things, we can learn from each other.

For example:
– besides working together, we also organise educational activities: workshops, discussions and seminars (sharing information, awareness and prevention, explanation)
– teaching activities: English, sports, arts, environment


In our projects and activities we also want to take care of the nature of Thailand and the world, work in an environmental friendly way and preserve Thai culture.

For example:
– agricultural projects: not using chemicals
– environmental projects: awareness of garbage-problem, recycling bank
– creative activities: learning local handicraft and art, like batik and pottery