About us


What is our motivation?

We started our organisation because we really want to  support projects, especially for the people (and children) living in the countryside of Thailand, as for example the villages some of us come from and similar places. We want volunteers from Thailand and from all over the world to work together with the local people.

This way we hope to create more friendships and understanding between people. Also by doing voluntary work (young) people get a good experience in working out of their heart, sharing and learning other ways of doing things, speaking English and having fun together. We hope more people become aware of the need of voluntary work and the joy voluntary work can give you. We want to work together with existing NGO’s and projects to share experiences and hopefully together we have more strength to accomplish projects.

What is our background?

We are a group of enthusiastic and motivated people, both Thai and foreigners. We all have a background of doing voluntary work for one up to seven years before we started DaLaa. Most of us were workcamp-leaders working with short term volunteer groups in a lot of different places in Thailand. Some of us were staying at voluntary projects in Thailand, where they worked together with international volunteers. Some of us have the experience of joining workcamps abroad, whereas others did more coordinating work with volunteers and Thai students.

We are local people and we know what is going on in the villages and what the needs are.

Together we make a good team with a lot of different knowledge and experience that we can use for our organisation.