6 Months Volunteering In Koh Sukorn & Koh Nang Kham

My name is Gavyn, from America. I did volunteering in Koh Sukorn and Koh Nang Kham for 6 months 2019-2020. 

My time at Koh Nang Kham was enjoyable. The community is very kind, the food is good, and the neighbors, who are in contact with dalaa, are very helpful. The kids like any school are on a spectrum with how much they are willing to learn. However, regardless of their aptitude to follow in class they are good children who are kind and a joy to be around.

There are a lot of downtime in Koh Nang Kham, so be prepared to entertain yourself.

I had a great time in Koh Nang Kham, making a second family, a home away from home. I will miss these people and hope to come visit them later in my life. 

They're is a swimming hole by the quaint village in a quarry, the locals call "The Grand Canyon"